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using Clomid

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Question: In your recent estrogen article, you mentioned Clomid (clomiphene) was safe for long-term use by bodybuilders. But in the World Anabolic Review, the authors say Clomid should be used for no more than 14 days and that it’s a poor estrogen blocker. Also you gave Proviron (mesterolone) a poor mark while the World Anabolic Review claims it’s one of the best estrogen blockers. What’s up? I’m totally confused

Although Colmid isn’t the best of the anti-estrogens, it also has the dual function of mimicking luteinizing hormone, which stimulates gonadal testosterone. So, if you want to lower estrogen and raise testosterone or maintain a natural testosterone level during steroid use, Clomid, if found economically, is an attractive option. I believe the World Anabolic Review writers probably misread the warnings about Clomid and printed the duration of use for women. There are no adverse reactions with long-term use in men that I know of.


beyond DNP and insulin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Question: You’re always cutting edge. What’s the next big thing in bodybuilding drugs ? I mean, beyond DNP and insulin, what floats your boat ?

Injectable, once-a-year growth vaccasines-two are being worked on. (more…)

using insulin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Question: I plan on using insulin, the Humulin R kind, and was wondering if I should take vanadyl and metformin with it ?

Vanadyl and metformin will affect the action of insulin in both good and bad ways. The good thing is less insulin is needed for the small amount of carbohydrates consumed. Increasing the effects of insulin at its lowest possible dosage is the ideal situation. the bad thing is that if you maintain the insulin dosage and food intake levels you had prior to adding vanadyl or metformin, you’d probably get some kind of hypoglycemic reaction, perhaps even go into a coma. The over-the-counter insulin is enticing because it’s cheap and its usefulness is supported by stories from top professional bodybuilders. The underfunded and uninformed recreational bodybuilder, however, may suffer many adverse side effects. Even at moderately low daily dosages of Humulin R, visceral (interorgan) fat will accumulate. At best, this is cosmetically repugnant (men looking pregnant). At worst, visceral fat is associated with heart disease. This fat, at least in male bodybuilders, appears to be the last fat deposit lost when dieting. (more…)

How to use metformin

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Question: Over the summer, I purchased a few hundred tablets of metformin from a European mail-order company. I started 2,000 mg/ day (one 500-mg tab with meals 4 times a day) and experienced a severe loss of appetite. After ten days, I ceased using the drug because I began to lose weight (muscle) and strength as a result of the lower calorie intake. Do you have any thoughts on this?

I’ve gotten the same reports from other bodybuilders who comment on this loss of appetite. At least you got the dosage right. Most non-diabetics who use Glucophage (the American version of metformin) have been cautious with do sages and haven’t felt any beneficial effects.

Deca Durabolin instead of testosterone

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Question: I’m 45 years old, and I’m on testosterone replacement for low natural levels of testosterone–around 300-350 ng/dl. My doctor has prescribed testosterone cypionate (100 mg per week), and this has brought my testosterone level up to around 600 ng/dl. Should I switch over to your recommendation of Deca-Durabolin? Is the use of Deca-Durabolin instead of testosterone for this purpose a documented and accepted practice? One more thing: I’m using 21-gauge needles. Should I try to go to something thinner to minimize scarring?

First off, it’s nice to see you’ve found a liberal doctor. Most M.D.’s won’t consider prescribing testosterone until they see your blood level of testosterone drop below 300 ng/dl. You appear to have an unusual metabolism. Most males of your age would not realize such a high testosterone elevation on only 100 mg a week. Usually a weekly 100-mg injection of testosterone would raise blood levels 100 ng/dl, at the most. What usually happens is that as males age, the ability to convert testosterone to estrogen (with aromatase enzyme) increases. The extra testosterone injected will more readily convert to estrogen and, at the same time, down-regulate the small amount of natural testosterone being produced. I have a strong feeling that your particular metabolism doesn’t manufacture very much aromatase, so the small amount of exogenous testosterone you’re using has better potential, as much of it stays as testosterone and doesn’t down-regulate your own supply. (more…)

How to use clenbuterol

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Question: Whenever I use clenbuterol, it works great for about two weeks. After that, I can use ten tabs a day and my temperature will hardly rise. What can I do about this?

Clenbuterol is a beta-2 agonist. It attaches to the same receptor as your natural adrenaline and noradrenaline do. It has a very high bonding capacity to the adrenergic receptor. Whenever a drug fits well onto a cell receptor , the receptor becomes resistant to that drug. For example, the thermogenic effect of ephedrine seems to have a longer duration (though it’s not as potent ) for two reasons: 1) ephedrine doesn’t have a high receptor affinity, and 2) ephedrine is not beta-2 specific.


Steroid shopping in Tijuana - some small blue bottles of methandrostenolone

Tuesday, September 4th, 2007

Question: I was steroid shopping in Tijuana and found some small blue bottles of methandrostenolone made by Ludwig Heun in West Germany (at least, that’s what the bottle said). Is this stuff real?

No. It’s counterfeit. I happen to know the entire history of this counterfeit because I designed the bottle, label, and tablets. (more…)

Should you acquire Mellitron in Mexico?

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Question: I want to go to Mexico to get some Metformin which is available as Mellitron. Is this a good idea? Or can you suggest something better?

I’ve mentioned recently that the FDA has approved metformin, a potent insulin agonist, for treatment of Type II Diabetes. The trade name is Glucophage. To remind you: metformin would be more potent in improving insulin sensitivity than either chromium or vanadyl sulfate. I think the problem will be that most American doctors will not prescribe Glucophage to a healthy athlete.

Should you acquire Mellitron in Mexico? No. Unfortunately, in scrutinizing th e Mellitron closely, I found that along with the metformin, there are also 125 milligrams of another drug, clorpropamide. This particular drug increases insulin secretion. This is something most people wouldn’t want. We want to improve insulin sensitivity and at the same time lower insulin secretion. Mellitron won’t lower insulin but increase it. However, if a bodybuilder uses injectable growth hormone, Mellitron would work well along with it. Large amounts of growth hormone make the receptors insulin resistant, and a slight insulin increase would be beneficial. Most metformins available in Europe would be the isolated compound.

The taste of liquid GHB

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Question: I’ve been using some liquid GHB from two different sources. Both taste bad, but one tastes more like paint thinner than the other. The powder never tasted this bad. What gives?

As much as the FDA doesn’t want gamma hydroxybuterate (GHB) being made, it’s an absurdly simple compound to make. Just add water and lye to the lactone solvent, adjust the pH to 7, and it’s done. And no, I won’t give you the recipe again, and I won’t tell you where to buy the lactone. The toughest part of the granular GHB refining process was turning the liquid into a solid. The drying gets rid of all the trace solvents that impart the petrochemical smell. The various new (underground) GHB producers don’t have the esoteric equipment to dry the liquid. What is the difference between the different-tasting liquids you allegedly have? The fouler one of the two probably has a pH of slightly under seven.

A well-made liquid GHB is no more toxic than the dry form. And overall, GHB has virtually no toxicity. The problem is how to know if the particular GHB is a good one. The best you can do is scrutinize the packaging. One GHB on the black market has both contraindications and research listings included with the packaging. But don’t get too worked up about GHB. It’s not really an ergogenic aid. The corresponding rise of cortisol negates any positive effect caused by whatever slight growth hormone may have been caused by GHB use. GHB is a (mostly benign) recreational drug. Those who claim otherwise are just in denial.

Arguments against steroid

Monday, August 13th, 2007

Question: One of the arguments against steroid use is that all the gains I would make would disappear once I stopped using steroids. Is this true?

Yes, eventually, virtually all of the gains from steroid use would disappear. However, it would take years for that to happen. This is one of the reasons football players have not been getting smaller since drug testing began . Off-season, players don’t get tested, and they can accrue enough muscle mass to “coast” though the playing season.

The same logic applies with drug-tested bodybuilding shows. A bodybuilder could swear on a polygraph that he hadn’t used steroids for a year. Swell, except, during the year of being “clean,” a good amount of steroid-generated muscle will still be there. Steroids are still the anabolic bargain. In the studies of geriatrics using growth hormone, all of the beneficial effects induced from the growth hormone went away within a matter of weeks. I predict that the same fleeting anabolism will happen with IGF-1. Clenbuterol’s effects diminished even more rapidly. Many doctors don’t want to admit it, but limited steroid use of a yearly, eight-week cycle would have virtually no adverse side effects and would probably vastly improve the health of the individual through the rest of the year. It would be interesting to put a group of bodybuilders on a mild short cycle and then track the decreases of muscle mass over the months after the end of the cycle. These results wouldn’t surprise me, but I don’t think the anti-steroid crowd would like to hear that steroid gains do last for a long time.